Man of the Year

Winner: Pluto, then Rosebud and Almond Joy

It was a quiet night with a small group of players. The best part of this election evening was that the Driver was away managing one of the polling locations, so we didn’t have to fight him for those delicious brownies that Darin served up.

Good Question!: Who did Time magazine name as man of the year in 1982?

Choices: a. Michael Jackson   b. the computer   c. Microsoft   d. Ronald Reagan


Not Exactly

Answer: the computer (technically, it was named machine of the year)

The announcement of Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” has been a year-end tradition since 1927, when Charles Lindbergh was named “Man of the Year” following his solo flight across the Atlantic.

On Dec. 26, 1982, Time took a risk and placed not a person, but a “Machine of the Year” on the cover of its Jan. 3, 1983, issue: the computer. The cover featured a papier-mâché man sitting at a red table with a PC. Admittedly, this wasn’t Time’s riskiest pick — Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler had both been named “Man of the Year” in years prior. But it was a surprise. It is said that Steve Jobs, who had received signals that he would be named man of the year, cried when he saw the issue.

The “Machine of the Year” designation came at a time when PC sales were doubling each year: going from 724,000 in 1980 to 1.4 million in 1981 to almost 3 million in 1982. As publisher John A. Meyers presciently wrote: “Several human candidates might have represented 1982, but none symbolized the past year more richly, or will be viewed by history as more significant, than a machine: the computer.” Time referenced the PC revolution, which was bringing computers “down to scale” so “people could hold, prod, and play with them.”

When TIME put together the 21-page Machine of the Year cover package, the PC revolution was still young. The vast majority of homes didn’t yet have one and the IBM PC did not ship until 1981.

But it wasn’t that young: The MITS Altair 8800, the first PC that mattered, came out in 1975. In 1977, it was followed by the Apple II, Commodore’s PET 2001 and Radio Shack’s TRS-80, the first truly consumery, ready-to-use machines. And another half-decade of evolution occurred before TIME commemorated the PC’s arrival so memorably.

Interestingly, the journalists who worked on the “Machine of the Year” article used typewriters to write their stories. The Time newsroom did not upgrade to word processors until1983.

Now if it had been Michael Jackson named man of the year we would’ve watch this video:


Rinn Wins

Winner (10/29): Rinn (finally), then Carole St. Martin, Uncle Creepy, and Taylor with Mistress Daphne (aka Dale Evans)

Rinn wins! Rinn wins! Been waiting to say that for a while, must have been that Halloween costume that made her a winner.

Those are three blind mice by the way.


Winner (10/22): the Driver, then Aly, and Brittany

the Driver overcame his abysmal lack of knowledge of pop culture to just sneak in with the win.


Good Question!: In which Harry Potter movie does Sirius Black die?

Choices: a. Order of the Phoenix b. Goblet of Fire C. Sorcerer’s Stone                D. Chamber of Secrets

Answer: Order of the Phoenix

If you were wondering, poor Sirius Black was done in at the hands of Lord Voldemort and his followers, the Death Eaters in this 5th of eight Harry Potter movies. It’s a pretty complicated story line (aren’t they all) so better to just watch the trailer:


Wonder what Harry Potter and his friends look like these days?

The Elmo Menace

Winner (10/15/19): Pluto
then Carol St. Martin, Jacqui, and Sean (with miss Rinn photo bombing)

Pluto guessed a bunch of questions correctly and won tonight’s game by a country mile. Jacqui was a strong second again. She’s due for a win.

Winner (10/08/19): Droppin’ Dave, then Jacqui

Droppin’ led from start to finish, with only Jacqui within shouting distance.

Good Question!: Who is the only non-human to testify before the US Congress?

Choices: a. Kermit   b. R2D2   c. Smokey the Bear   d. Elmo

Answer: Elmo

In April of 2002, at the request and with the assistance of Rep. Duke Cunningham, a Mr. Elmo Monster testified before the Education Appropriations subcommittee in support of funding for music education programs.

In between trying to eat the microphone and interrupting his fellow witness, Elmo engaged in this informative colloquy with subcommitee chair Ralph Regula (R-OH):

Elmo: Please, Congress, help Elmo’s friends find the music in them. I love you, Congress.
Regula: And my grandchildren love you too, Elmo.

Who is Elmo?

A Muppet character on the children’s television show Sesame Street. He is a furry red monster with a falsetto voice, who hosts the last full fifteen-minute segment (five minutes after 2017) on Sesame Street, “Elmo’s World”, which is aimed at toddlers.

the Elmo menace

Fans of Sesame Street have complained that Elmo’s prominent status has caused roles to be greatly reduced for some older characters, such as Oscar the Grouch, Big Bird, Count von Count, Prairie Dawn, Grover, and Cookie Monster. Some fans also blame Elmo for the permanent departure of Kermit the Frog from Sesame Street. Elmo has been referred to as the “Little Red Menace” by Sesame Street traditionalists.

Forget Elmo, my favorite character is Oscar the Grouch.

Only 3 minutes, this SNL Parody of the Grouch as the Joker is awesome:


Benvenuti a Oktoberfest!

Winner: Pluto, then the Driver, and Carol St. Martin

We celebrated Oktoberfest and all things beer this evening, so of course, Pluto won.

It was a rousing celebration, with the finest food and beer served by our favorite Hoffbrau girls – Darin, Tiffany and Daphne, helped by Mike, that guy from the Italian alps.


Good Question!: Each year the second weekend of Oktoberfest is known as?

Choices: a. mid fest   b. gay weekend   c. italian weekend  d. ladies choice

MUNICH, GERMANY – SEPTEMBER 22: Visitors celebrate in a beer tent on the opening day of the 2018 Oktoberfest beer festival on September 22, 2018 in Munich, Germany. The Oktoberfest lasts until October 7 and is the world’s largest beer festival. The beer festival typically draws over six million visitors. (Photo by Alexandra Beier/Getty Images)

Answer: Italian weekend

so that’s why Mike is all dressed up – he was so cute in his lederhosen.

Benvenuti a Oktoberfest!

Traditionally, on the second, middle weekend of the Oktoberfest, the Italians take over the festival tents on the Theresienwiese.

Wave of visitors from Italy for the “Festa d’ottobre”

Italians love the Munich Oktoberfest – or the “Festa d’ottobre”, as they call it. Traditionally, the second weekend of the Wiesn has become established as the “Italian weekend”. Italians arrive from all over Italy and often travel the length of the country to experience the thrill of the Wiesn. Many travel in camper vans, so don’t be surprised if you see Italian campers parked all over the city on Italian weekend. The travel rush often causes traffic jams, to the extent that local radio stations also make traffic announcements in Italian during the second week of Oktoberfest. Many local newspapers welcome Italian guests with a bilingual title page on Italian weekend. According to statistics from the Munich Department of Tourism, Italians make up the majority of foreign visitors to the Wiesn, at almost 20 percent.

Some scenes from Oktoberfest:

MUNICH, GERMANY – SEPTEMBER 22: Waitresses carry beer steins in a beer tent on the opening day of the 2018 Oktoberfest beer festival on September 22, 2018 in Munich, Germany. The Oktoberfest lasts until October 7 and is the world’s largest beer festival. The beer festival typically draws over six million visitors. (Photo by Alexandra Beier/Getty Images)

Young people celebrate the opening of the 185th ‘Oktoberfest’ beer festival in Munich, Germany, Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018. The world’s largest beer festival will be held from Sept. 22 until Oct. 7, 2018. (AP Photo/Matthias Schrader)

MUNICH, GERMANY – SEPTEMBER 22: A visitor in traditional Bavarian outfit is pictured at the opening day of the 2018 Oktoberfest beer festival on September 22, 2018 in Munich, Germany. The Oktoberfest lasts until October 7 and is the world’s largest beer festival. The beer festival typically draws over six million visitors. (Photo by Alexandra Beier/Getty Images)


Whine, Whine, Whine

Winner: Pluto, with the two ladies who make the game go – Mistress Daphne, the moderator and Tiffany, our smiling bartender.

Pluto unsuccessfully challenged an answer this evening and then whined about it all evening and all the way to the winners podium.

Sometimes you have to answer the question as it was intended, not as it was literally worded. Pluto was the only one who doesn’t understand that.

The Godfather: Part II

Winner: Deb

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!” (Sir Walter Scott, 1808).

Tonight we had a bit of a brouhaha. Two first time players, Ted and Deb, tied at the end of regulation and Ted then won the short playoff. Deb’s supporters immediately filed a challenge, claiming that on two questions Ted had changed his answer after the answer had been announced. The judges went to the videotape and upheld the challenge. Deb was declared the sole winner and her supporters celebrated with her.

Good Question!: In the 1974 film, the Godfather II, who played the part of Vito Corleone as a young man?

Choices: a. Robert DeNiro   b. Al Pacino   c. Ray Liotta   d. Danny Aiello

Answer: Robert DeNiro

Although De Niro had appeared in films before “The Godfather Part: II,” the project catapulted his career. More hits followed for him, including “Taxi Driver,” “The Deer Hunter” and “Raging Bull.”

The Godfather: Part II was the first sequel to win the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro are the only two actors to ever win separate Oscars for playing the same character. Brando won Best Actor for The Godfather (1972) and De Niro won Best Actor in a Supporting Role for this movie, both in the role of Vito Corleone.

To prepare for his role, Robert De Niro lived in Sicily for three months and spent four months learning to speak the Sicilian dialect. De Niro is one of only six actors to win an Academy Award for a role primarily in a language other than English, since almost all of his dialogue in this film is in the Sicilian dialect of Italian. Let’s hear it for all us Sicilians!

The “Godfather” music, who can forget it.


Sometimes when we look in the mirror we are a little disappointed.

Here are two photos of Michael Corleone that should make you feel better.

For you big “Godfather” fans here are a couple of other clips.

The very young Vito Corleone as he arrives at Ellis island:

For a very authentic “Godfather II” watch this clip in Sicilian:



Double Winners

Winner (09/10/19): Madly, then Big Red, Nancy and the Driver

It’s been a while since Madly and Big Red found themselves on the winners podium, but that’s where they ended up this evening. They went head-to-head in a playoff before Madly won because she knew the largest lake in the world is Lake Superior. Of course, if you ranked by water volume rather then by area, than Lake Baikal is easily the largest, with twice as much water as Lake Superior.

Winner (09/03/19): Rosebud, then Droppin’, Mike, and Frank (the sports guy)

Quite a strong performance tonight by Rosebud. If only she knew that Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis, she would’ve had a clean sheet. She needed to be that good to beat Droppin’ and Frank who only missed two questions themselves.