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Winners: FrankC and Lenny

This was a night when the questions were so difficult that even the winners answered only half the questions correctly. How difficult?  Well you needed to know Persian, be a gemstone expert, and be able to quote obscure poetry verses, to start with.

Good Question: What would you use zener cards for?

Choices:   a. test for intelligence   b. test color blindness   c. test ph

d. test for esp





Answer: test for ESP

Are you Psychic?

Test your solo clairvoyance or two-person telepathy

try this site:



Zener cards are cards used to conduct experiments for extrasensory perception (ESP), most often clairvoyance. Perceptual psychologist Karl Zener(1903-1964) designed the cards in the early 1930s for experiments conducted with his colleague, parapsychologist J. B. Rhine (1895–1980).

The Zener cards were a deck made up of five simple symbols. The five different Zener cards are: a hollow circle (one curve), a Greek cross (two lines), three vertical wavy lines (or “waves”), a hollow square (four lines), and a hollow five-pointed star.[2] There are 25 cards in a pack, five of each design.[3]

In a test for ESP, the person conducting the test (the experimenter) picks up a card in a shuffled pack, observes the symbol on the card, and records the answer of the person being tested for extrasensory perception, who would guess which of the five designs is on the card in question. The experimenter continues until all the cards in the pack have been tested.

So the question remains – Are you Psychic?




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Winners: Double AA and Droppin’

Droppin’ and Double AA were well clear of the pack, but on a night when we learned of the first feminist, there were a pack of ladies just behind. Nancy, Rosebud, Kathy, and Margaret the Red, showed the other guys how it’s done.

Good Question!: When did Mary Wollstonecraft write “Vindication of the Rights of Woman” ?

Choices:  a. 1792   b. 1882   c. 1917   d. 1955


Answer: 1792

Well, that answer sure caused some discussion. Who believed that women’s rights could even be a concept in 1792. Many of us were skeptical, none more so than Margaret.

Because her “red” was showing, she volunteered to track down the backstory, and what a story it is. Margaret came away shocked she did not know about this incredible woman! Here is what Margaret found:

Mary Wollstonecraft  not only wrote the “Vindication of the Rights of Woman in 1792”, she also wrote the “Vindication for the Rights of Men” in 1790”. This pamphlet subsequently became known as the “Revolution Controversy”, in which Thomas Paine’s “Rights of Man” (1792) became the rallying cry for reformers and radicals.

In “Vindication of the Rights of Woman”, she argues that women are not naturally inferior to men, but appear so only because they lack education. She suggests that both men and women should be treated as rational beings and imagines a social order founded on reason.

Wollstonecraft also wrote “Maria, or the Wrongs of Woman”, which asserted that women had strong sexual desires and that it was degrading and immoral to pretend otherwise. This by a woman who had two children out of wedlock, at a time when that was scandalous.

Women’s suffrage in the United Kingdom began in 1872. In 1928: women received the vote and Mary Wollstonecraft is considered the lady who gave birth to woman’s rights. Her works continue to have an effect on the world even today. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a political writer and former Muslim cited the rights of women in her autobiography “Infidel” and wrote that she was “inspired by Mary Wollstonecraft”

Our hats are off to Mary Wollstonecraft, writer, political theorist, feminist. By the way, she was also the mother of Mary Shelly, who wrote “Frankenstein”.

Bloggers note: Thanks to Margaret the Red for today’s post.

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Winner: Pluto

Tonight’s game was focused on current events (2013 and 2014), which was right in Pluto’s wheelhouse. He went from last to first, with Bonobo close behind. Bonobo has finished second 3 of the last 4 weeks, but doesn’t seem to be able to close it out when the game is on the line. We’re all rooting for him to take that next step and finally be a winner.

At least Megan knows how to win, and she cleaned up on the dollar games. No one else knew about Walt Disney’s wooden teeth.

Tonight we learned that Canada canned their penny, and that King Richard III has been hanging out in a UK car park all these years. The question that decided the game was Australia’s control of Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean. Pluto got lucky on that one.

Good Question!:The Argus II was approved in the USA as a prosthetic aid to restore what?

Choices:  a. erection   b. sight   c. the feet   d. the hand

xx due to tech difficulty, no photo available at this time xx

Answer: Sight

The Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System (“Argus II”) is the world’s first approved device intended to restore some functional vision for people suffering from blindness. Argus II is approved for use in the United States and the European Economic Area.

HOWEVER, on their website it says:

HUMANITARIAN DEVICE: Authorized by Federal (U.S.) law to provide electrical stimulation of the retina to induce visual perception in blind patients with severe to profound retinitis pigmentosa and bare light or no light perception in both eyes. The effectiveness of this device for this use has not been demonstrated.

Hot off the presses:
First Bionic Eye Implanted By UMHS Doctors
By Edwin Kee on 02/05/2014

I have just finished watching RoboCop on a legit channel – at a cinema, of course, and the question of fusing human as well as robot parts together continues to be an interesting aspect that might very well be the future if science manages to catch up with fiction. In fact, surgeons over at the University of Michigan Health System might have taken the first step in the right direction after managing to develop a customized DNA chip known as a microarray which will be able to help diagnose eye disorders, while having successfully performed their first ever surgery which involves implanting artificial retinas into the eyes of patients who suffer from retinitis pigmentosa, which happens to be a degenerative eye disease that will eventually lead to blindness if nothing is done.


First Bionic Eye Implanted By UMHS Doctors
The formal name of this surgical procedure would be the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System, where the bionic eye device itself was developed by California-based Second Sight Medical Products, Inc. Thiran Jayasundera and David N. Zacks, professors of ophthalmology and visual sciences at the University’s Kellogg Eye Center. Needless to say, this unique bionic eye device had already gained approval from the Food and Drug Administration in 2013, hence making it possible for this implant to happen.

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