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Winner: Arty “AA”

AA has been overdue for a win and tonight he slipped by Paula and the Driver, both of whom had been missing from the game, and it was good to see both return with competitive games. Word is that the Driver had been up in Syracuse writing term papers for the basketball players. AA was the only one who knew that James Madison is on the face of the $5,000 bill. The rest of us didn’t even know there was a $5,000 bill.

Mistress Daphne returned from her extended voyage around the Southern hemisphere to take over moderator duties and drew a big crowd. By all accounts she was pretty mellow – at least for the first 15 minutes. Then it was back to drill sergeant mode. Also returning tonight was Tiffany, new mom of the beautiful Gemma.

Good Question!: The airplane Buddy Holly died in was the?

Choices: a. Not Fade Away   b. American Pie   c. Balls of Fire
d. That Will Be the Day

images-1   images-2

Answer: American Pie

So Don McLean named the song after the plane!

In 1959, Holly, Valens and Richardson were part of the Winter Dance Party, a tour that had started in Milwaukee and traveled to small cities in Minnesota and Iowa. The musicians had traveled in subfreezing temperatures in unheated buses, and people were getting sick. Holly booked the four-seat aircraft to fly to Fargo, North Dakota, where he planned to finally do laundry and rest in advance of the group’s next concert in nearby Moorhead, Minnesota.

Country legend Waylon Jennings, then Holly’s bass player, gave up his seat to a sick Richardson. Jennings, who died in 2002 at age 64, was haunted by his decision for years to come. Dion and the Belmonts were also on the tour, but Dion gave up his seat on the plane after hearing the $36 per-person price tag. He was the only headliner not on the plane and the only headliner who didn’t die that night.

For those who were around, the news of the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, JP Richardson and Richie Valens was shocking, and made folks feel that at least a part of the music had died. Here is the news as broadcast:

McLean has generally avoided responding to direct questions about the song lyrics, such as saying, “They’re beyond analysis. They’re poetry.” He also stated in an editorial published in 2009 on the 50th anniversary of the crash, that writing the first verse of the song exorcised his long-running grief over Holly’s death. This video has good contemporary images, see if you can interpret the lyrics:

News Alert!
In February 2015, McLean stated publicly that he would reveal the meaning of the lyrics to the song when the original manuscript goes for auction in NYCity in April 2015.
You heard it here first.

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Winners: Rhys, Droppin’, Shanice, and Red the Blur

As we inched toward spring, players came out of their bunkers, unhybernated and rehydrated at a fine game tonight. Some of those 16 players seemed to be adjusting to daylight savings time and stumbled a bit. Or maybe it was an early St. Pat’s at MainStreetCafe for an entire Sunday afternoon with Ed Deacy that caused the mental fog?

Vance brought a friend, Shanice, and as is always the case, the friend was way more savvy in the game than Vance. Who could forget Calie from frigid Chicago, another prize winner just one year ago. With Mistress Daphne still adrift on a very big boat somewhere in the Pacific, it was left to MikeP to handle game duties. He had a little trouble pronouncing “der Osterhase,” but otherwise did a fine job.

Good Question!: “La Primavera” or “Spring” is Concerto No.1 in E Major, which is part of “The Four Seasons” violin concertos. Who composed “The Four Seasons?”

Choices: a. Rossini   b. Salieri   c. Puccini   d. Vivaldi


Answer: Vivaldi

Rather than talk, yada, yada about “The Four Seasons”, lets just play a piece of this amazing work.

Oops! that’s the wrong “Four Seasons”, here’s the original:



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