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Winner: Droppin’

Not a surprise that Droppin’ won tonight. The big surprise was that Tall Paul finally tied Judge Judy. She had been beating him like a drum all these weeks.

They may have finished second tonight, but recently they finished first in the all Icelandic Blue Lagoon thermal pool.

Some very difficult questions tonight. Who remembers the last man to walk on the moon? Turns out it was Gene Cernan, not exactly a household name.

There was one easy question which everyone but Pluto got right. What game was denounced by critics as “sex in a box”? Why it was “Twister,” of course. Poor Pluto must have had a very lonely adolescence, never played Twister.

Good Question!: The Chatham islands in the Pacific ocean are part of which country?

Choice’s: a. Cambodia  b. South Korea  c. Papua New Guinea  d. New Zealand

Answer: New Zealand

I told you there were some very obscure questions this evening. The Chatham Islands, also known as Rekohu, lie 750km to the east of New Zealand’s South Island and are home to New Zealand’s most remote communities. Around 600 people live on two of the 11 islands that make up ‘the Chathams’, with incomes largely reliant on farming, fishing, conservation and tourism.

The islands are in their own time zone, 45 minutes ahead of New Zealand time; the International Date Line jogs eastward to keep them on the same calendar day as the rest of New Zealand.  If you didn’t live there, you wouldn’t know the Chatham Islands even existed.

However, if you were thinking of visiting the Chatham Islands on holiday and enjoying their rugged beauty then, believe it or not, they have their own website which will tell you all you need to know. Steeped in culture and history, these islands are on the very edge of civilisation. Experience Moriori culture, experience “Rekohu.”

If you are fluent in their native language, you might want to look at this video which researches their culture:



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