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Winner: Valerie, followed by Jacqui, then Deb, BklynGina, and Jake

Always fun when a newbie joins us and wins right off the bat as Val did this evening. Jacqui continued with another strong performance and Brooklyn Gina would’ve beat her SchaeferMan if he had dared to show up.

Mike the moderator took over in Mistress Daphne’s absence. He was a little rusty and stumbled a bit at the beginning – no speed trivia tonight.

Tonight we learned once again that China has only one time zone, requiring all clocks throughout the country to be synchronized with Beijing. Now that makes sense. With no West Coast time zone in this country, you wouldn’t have to watch the World Series at midnight.

Good Question!: What is the most visited monument in the world?

Choices: a. Washington Monument   b. Eiffel Tower   c. Statue of Liberty            d. Lincoln Memorial

Answer: Eiffel Tower

Some of us found this tough to believe. Here’s why. The annual number of tourists visiting Washington DC and Paris are only about 23 million, whereas New York City had 65 million visitors last year. So how could more people end up at the Eiffel Tower than the Statue of Liberty?

Well, it’s true. The Statue of Liberty had only 4.4 million visitors last year, while the Eiffel Tower had over 7 million visitors. Must be that damn ferry is a bottleneck for statue visitors.

Tips For Visiting The Statue of Liberty

Top Tip – Book Early, unless you want to be left on the outside looking in. It’s no fun to travel over to Liberty Island and find that you can’t even get into the base and the museum, no less climb to the crown.

If you know you want to visit the Crown, the Museum or the Pedestal at the Statue of Liberty and have a good idea of when you’re going to visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, you should buy a ticket in advance. These tickets have a specific time for arrival at security and by booking in advance, you can secure the access you want for your visit. Yeah, be a man and climb to the crown, just don’t carry your three-year-old nephew like I did.

Advice on Visiting the Statue of Liberty

How to Get Tickets for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Best time to visit

10 Tips For Visiting The Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty Visitors Guide

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Winner: Droppin’Dave, then Pluto, and Frank the sports guy, with Mistress Daphne in the picture for a change.

Droppin’ joined us after a long absence and picked up where he left off with a hard fought win. Mistress Daphne also joined us after an absence. She had a week between trans Atlantic crossings and stopped by to moderate the game.

Tonight we learned onions are the vegetables with a very high sugar content, and that the only planet that rotates clockwise is Venus. Who knew?

Good Question! :
How many knights could be seated around King Arthur’s Round Table?

Choices: a. 6   b. 12   c. 24   d. 150


Answer: 150

Well, that was a big surprise, fooled almost everyone. Could that possibly be true?

Everyone has heard of the Knights of the Round Table, but many people are not familiar with any of the Noble Knights save for Lancelot. The Knights were men of courage, honor, dignity, courtesy, and nobleness. They protected ladies and damsels, honored and fought for kings, and undertook dangerous quests.

We know of Arthur, Lancelot, Galahad (Son of Sir Lancelot), and Guinevere, but there were many other characters that were cornerstones to the legends and stories surrounding Camelot, the Round Table, and the Holy Grail.

So how many Knights were there really?
Who the heck knows. Different stories and traditions report different lists of the Knights of the Round Table. Some, like the Winchester Round Table, offer the names of 24 knights while other sources have ranged from 12 to 1600 in reporting the actual number of these Knights. That must have been some table accommodating 1600 Knights!

The Winchester Round Table was created, in imitation of King Arthur’s legends, during the reign of Edward I in 13th century. Edward I was an admirer of Arthurian legends and wanted to revive the chivalric styles of the Arthurian stories.

To that end, he had a table made which housed 24 knights
and the King. The names of the knights were inscribed on the top of the table, all of them being derived from King Arthur’s stories.

Queen Guinevere and Lancelot (where’s the King?)

If the Knights of the Round Table ever existed in real life, it wasn’t in the time of King Arthur. Medieval knights as characterised in Arthurian Legend belong to a period running from the twelfth to the fifteenth centuries – the historical King Arthur is placed much earlier, around the fifth century. Nonetheless, the image of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table appeals to the imagination and has become an accepted one, if only in literature and legend.

We could use a hero like Arthur today. A man who was the epitome of good against evil, light against darkness, and that eternal, never-ending struggle between what is right and that which is wrong (and didn’t lie as often as he breathed.)

This movie reimagines King Arthur and his Knights in the fourth century. Historically very inaccurate, but still a good trailer:


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Winner: Jacqui (with photobomber Rinne)

Jackie stayed just a bit ahead of 7 players to finish first tonight. Otherwise, we would’ve needed an eight way playoff!

Tonight’s good news was that Tiffany did not put the quiz together, so it was way more reasonable. We even learned important stuff like the second longest coastline after Canada is Indonesia and the country with the most languages is Papua New Guinea.

Good Question!: Which of the five senses develops first?

Choices: a. taste   b. sight   c. smell   d. hearing

Answer: smell

When does my baby’s sense of smell develop?

“Your baby’s nose starts to form early in the first trimester of pregnancy. Two tiny nostrils appear just a few weeks later. By 10 weeks, the receptors that your baby will use to detect smells have already formed.

Babies start using their sense of smell while still in the womb. As they breathe and swallow amniotic fluid, they become familiar with its scent.

This is useful because the smell is similar to that of their mother’s breast milk, which they’ll need soon after birth. Your amniotic fluid also carries the scent and flavors of the food you eat, so your unborn baby will be familiar with the aroma of that fish you ate for dinner, too!

Newborns have a highly developed sense of smell. Though your baby can’t yet recognize you by sight, he’ll know you by your natural scent, and that’s what he’ll most want to smell. He’ll also be drawn to the scent of your breast milk. These smells are connected to his basic need for comfort and food.

The sense of smell is processed by a part of the brain that also controls memory. It creates strong associations between particular scents and experiences. As a result, years later a scent may trigger a memory for your baby and remind him of a time or feeling from the past.” (/www.babycenter.com/)

Maybe Rosemary’s Baby needed a better sense of smell.

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