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Winner: Steve, then a mob tied for second. We have Jacqui, Bklyn Gina, Judge Judy, Tall Paul, Frank the sports guy, Pluto, the Driver, and assorted photo bombers.

Thank goodness for Steve. If he had not answered one more question correctly than the pack of 8 that followed close behind, we would’ve had a nine person playoff. That could’ve been long and ugly, might have been here until midnight.

Good Question!: Which movement was founded by L Ron Hubbard?

Choices: a. Davidians   b. People’s temple   c. Scientology   d. Unification Church

Answer: Scientology

I bet we all have heard of Scientology, but What Is Scientology?

“Scientology is a set of religious beliefs created by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard wrote a self-help book that explored the relationship between body and mind called Dianetics in 1950. In 1952, he expanded upon the success of Dianetics by creating Scientology. Hubbard then incorporated the Church of Scientology in 1953.

Hubbard maintained a leadership role in the Church of Scientology until his death in 1986 — even during periods where he went into hiding because of controversy and legal actions against the church.

Scientologists believe that people are immortal alien beings (called thetans) who have forgotten their true nature and are trapped on earth in a human body. Scientologists believe that each thetan has lived numerous past lives, both on earth in our physical bodies, and on other planets. Scientologists also believe that by undergoing a series of classes and teachings (called auditing by the church), people can free themselves of their human form and reclaim their true selves.

The main way the principles of Scientology can be applied is through “auditing” where the auditor helps a person examine certain areas of their life and get rid of any unwanted influences to heighten ability and awareness. A device called an E-Meter is also used in this process. It measures a person’s mental state and it helps the auditor locate areas of distress. Auditing courses and study materials are available for Scientologists in exchange for monetary donations (the most advanced of these courses are quite expensive).

Scientologists also believe that all drugs are poisons that inhibit spiritual freedom. L. Ron Hubbard found that drugs and chemical residues are stored in the tissues of the body, and as long as they remain in the body a person’s abilities can remain suppressed. To dislodge the toxins, a person participates in a Purification Rundown which involves sweating in a sauna, mega-vitamin and mineral dosages, extra oil, good nutrition, and adequate rest.” (per Scott Barnes, and others)

If you want to learn more, the Church of Scientology has a building right in the heart of the NYC theater district, which seems like the right location for this bogus religion.

So now you know what Tom Cruise and John Travolta believe. Better to just watch the trailer from Tom Cruise’s latest film:


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Winner: Carol St. Martin, then Frank the sports guy, the Driver, and Pluto.

Carol beat back a furious challenge by the three guys, probably because she was the only one who knew that the German city of Lubec is world famous for its marzipan.

The Driver would’ve had a better finish if he didn’t blow a gimme question – which US city displays a large sign declaring it “the Biggest Little City in the World.”

Everyone knew the correct answer was Reno, except for the Driver.

Yet, it was only six months before, that the Driver had taken a photo of Mistress Daphne under that very sign. How could he be the only one not to know the answer?
There are a lot of theories, but basically it all boils down to one thing – old age.

Good Question!: According to the World Health Organization which capital city has the worst air pollution?

Choices: a. New Delhi  b. Mexico City   c. Beijing   d. Detroit


Answer: Mexico City

Well, not exactly. Many of us could not believe that Mexico City had more air pollution than Beijing, and turns out we were right. When you look at the WHO’s pollution table you find that Beijing’s air pollution is 2 to 3 times greater than Mexico City.

There are some surprises in the data. Delhi is way more polluted than Beijing. In fact, out of the 20 most polluted cities in the world, 18 are in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Gwalior, India with much particulate matter from burning garbage and fossil fuels making the air hazardous to breathe, may be the world’s most polluted city.

Jakarta and Hanoi are Southeast Asia’s two most polluted cities. With Beijing’s air quality getting better, Jakarta risks overtaking China’s famously polluted capital soon. While average air quality In U.S. and Canada is good in global comparison, historic wildfires had a dramatic impact on air quality in August and November, with 5 out of 10 most polluted cities in the world during August found in North America.

Greenpeace’s evaluation of the data: “What is clear is that the common culprit across the globe is the burning of fossil fuels — coal, oil and gas — worsened by the cutting down our forests. What we need to see is our leaders thinking seriously about our health and the climate by looking at a fair transition out of fossil fuels while telling us clearly the level of our air quality, so that steps can be taken to tackle this health and climate crisis.”

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Winner: Frank the sports guy, then Pluto, and the Driver

Frank even answered a sports question correctly tonight, well almost, and held on for a close win. Pluto was a little jet lagged, as he had rushed back from Boulder, Colorado that morning to make the game. Probably should’ve stayed in beautiful Boulder.

Rinn celebrates – the only one to correctly answer a very difficult question

A loud and boisterous crowd this evening made life difficult for Mistress Daphne, working with only one healthy wing. We did learn that the National Spelling Bee awarded first prize to eight competitors this year. Why? They gave up when they couldn’t find a word that the kids couldn’t spell. Even words like “callejón,” “omphalopsychite,” and “auftaktigkeit” failed to trip up this year’s spellers.

Good Question!: Which island in Venice is a specially noted for a glass blowing?

Choices: a. Sicily   b. Capri   c. Elba   d. Murano

Answer: Murano

Venetian glass is thought to have been made for over 1,500 years, and production has been concentrated on the Venetian island of Murano since the 13th century. Today Murano is known for its art glass, but it has a long history of innovations in glassmaking in addition to its artistic fame—and was Europe’s first major glass making center.

Murano glass is glass in a chemical sense of the word. However, Murano glass is as different from, say, the glass in your window panes, as Rembrandt paintings are different from an empty canvas.

Murano glass is made from silica, soda, lime and potassium melted together in a special furnace at a temperature of 1500°C to reach a liquid state. Gold or silver foil are often added to the glass mixture, along with such minerals as copper for sparkles, zinc for white color, cobalt for blue, manganese for violet, and so on. The mixture is then mouth-blown and/or hand-crafted by master glassmakers using special techniques and basic tools, many of which have been developed in the Middle Ages and changed little since then.

This method of glass-making results in unique creations with rich coloring and beautiful, sometimes surreal, patterns and shapes, deserving to be called “works of art”. Even though beautiful glassware has also been created in other places around the world, none of the glassware still being produced has such rich history and so much artistic value as Murano glass.

Watch Murano glass being made:



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