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Winner: Judy

On  a night when we celebrated Darin’s 39th birthday, with a delicious carrot cake, Judy celebrated another convincing win. Darin’s birthday present to us was a very difficult series of questions, many about obscure corners of the animal kingdom. The pack of players who finished second were far behind Judy, probably because none knew the answer to the universal question of life, the universe and everything else – 42.

And I thought that number was important because of Jackie Robinson.

Good Question!: What were the first names of the brothers Grimm?

Choices:  a.Wilhelm and Robert   b.Wilhelm and Jacob   c.Wilhelm and Sanford   d.Wilhelm and Otto

(Pictures to Follow, when Blogger returns from FL and has his good old Mac to work on, rather than this evil library PC)

Answer: Wilhelm and Jacob

The Brothers Grimm or Die Gebrüder Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, were German academics, linguists, cultural researchers, lexicographers and authors who together collected and published folklore.

Looking for a sweet, soothing tale to waft you toward dreamland?  Look somewhere else.  The stories collected by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in the early 1800s serve up life as generations of central Europeans knew it—capricious and often cruel.  The two brothers, patriots determined to preserve Germanic folktales, were only accidental entertainers.

They are among the most well-known storytellers of folk tales, popularizing stories such as “Cinderella” “(Aschenputtel)”, “The Frog Prince” (“Der Froschkönig”), “Hansel and Gretel” (“Hänsel und Gretel”), “Rapunzel“, “Rumpelstiltskin” (“Rumpelstilzchen”), and “Snow White” (“Schneewittchen”).

Once they saw how the tales bewitched young readers, the Grimms, and editors aplenty after them, started “fixing” things.  Tales gradually got softer, sweeter, and primly moral.  Yet all the polishing never rubbed away the solid heart of the stories, now read and loved in more than 160 languages.



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