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Winner: Oh, Donna

Another close game tonight with five players bunched in second place and a playoff to determine the winner between Pluto and Oh, Donna.  After 7 questions it was still tied. The deciding question – Who had the most single day record sales? Pluto, always a homeboy, went with local girl Mariah Carey. Wrong. Oh, Donna knew better, she remembered her favorite singles as a teenager – screaming for Elvis!



Mistress Daphne, recently returned from Transylvania, brought back a bottle of Bermet for us to sample. Very Nice! Bermet, a sweet wine that is a specialty of northern Serbia’s Fruška Gora wine region, is an interesting infused dessert wine.

It has between 16 and 18% of alcohol and it is usually served as a dessert wine with cookies, which of course, was how Darin served it.



Good Question!: Which ocean is the most shallow?

Choices: a. Pacific  b. Arctic  c. Indian  d. Antarctic

Answer: Arctic

The shallowest ocean in the world is the Arctic Ocean. It has an average depth of 3,407 feet. The Arctic Ocean is the smallest of the Earth’s oceans and covers about 3 percent of the world’s surface area. In contrast, with an average depth of 13,740 feet, the Pacific Ocean is the deepest, and the deepest place on Earth is the Marianna Trench in the Pacific Ocean, with a depth of 36,200 feet.

Made me wonder.
How long would it take to sail around the world?
Depends. If your are on say a 40′ yacht, It could take anywhere from 1 -10 years depending on how much time and money you have . Most folks circling the globe take an average of 3.5 years. Most do it by passing through the Panama Canal to avoid Cape Horn.

However, if you are Thomas Colville, it would take you 49 days 3 hours 7 minutes and 38 seconds. That’s solo by the way, in his 31m trimaran Sodebo Ultim. Distance covered over the ground: 28,400 nautical miles (52,596 kilometres). Starting and ending at Brest, France. Average speed was 24.09 knots (that’s 27.7 m/h). Pretty Amazing!

Of course, some ocean voyages did not go as well:


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Winners: Rhys and Donna; 2nd place-Rosebud & Judy

Wait a minute, no man on the winner’s podium? Yes indeed, it was Ladies Night @ Tuesday Night Trivia with two ladies, Rhys & Donna overdue for a win. The guys were embarrassed and vowed to do better next week. Maybe then they will know that cyan is the Greek root for the color blue, and that the German word for potato is Kartoffel..

Good Question!: What do both Vito and Michael Corleone have in their hands moments before they die?

Choices:  a. a gun  b. a pizza   c. an orange   d. a cigar

Answer: an orange

It’s a well-known fact (to some movie buffs, anyway) that oranges represent mortal danger in The Godfather world. Vito Corleone buys oranges just before he is ambushed, and a cascade of oranges spills onto the sidewalk as he is shot. At the end of the first film, he cuts up an orange minutes before his death. Sonny Corleone passes a large billboard advertising orange juice just before being gunned down at a tollbooth. Every scene showing a mafia conference has oranges in it somewhere. Every mafia figure is shown handling an orange at some point — usually just before a violent scene. And at the end of it all, in the last scene of the last Godfather movie, Michael Corleone drops an orange at the moment of death.

Enough with the talk, let’s watch a few clips – first the opening scene from the original Godfather, then a classic scene from Godfather III, and finally, the oranges:

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Winner: Donna
Donna accomplished something very rare tonight. Not only did she beat all 24 other players, but she had a perfect score!
Bravo Donna!

Close behind Donna were Almond Joy, Pluto, and two newbies Bill Jr. and Rob, all with only one wrong answer. Of course, Rob’s mom Darin was very proud.

As you study the guys in the photo below, you will most certainly conclude that these guys were not the winners. Why the ladies who finished 3rd, even allowed themselves to be photographed with them is baffling:


Rosebud put tonight’s quiz together and based it on the test for US citizenship. Lot’s of questions about the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Not so fair for Stan, our visitor from Australia. Rosebud was unconcerned. She said: “Have you spoken to him? He sure talks funny, I’m not even sure that’s English.”

Good Question!: How many amendments does the constitution have in total?

Choices: a. 18   b. 21   c. 25   d. 27

Answer: 27

The latest and the greatest is unique in that it took nearly 200 years since it was proposed to actually be ratified by the states. The 27th amendment deals with pay raises or decreases for members of Congress. Changes to Congressional pay must take effect after the next term of office for the representatives. This means that another election would have had to occur before the pay raises can take effect.

The fact that Congress has the power to set its salary was something that worried the original authors of the amendment that would become the 27th amendment in 1992. Many states too, during the debates over ratifying the Constitution, expressed concern over congressional pay. During the first round of ratification, only six states, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Delaware, Vermont and Virginia ratified the amendment. Other states would ratify this amendment in bursts, with the digest drive toward ratification occurring the in late ‘80s to early 90s.

You may wonder why an amendment could be ratified almost 200 years after its proposal. In the Supreme Court case of Coleman v. Miller the court ruled that if the amendment had an unspecified date, then the state legislatures could approve the amendment at any time. and so the final states, Missouri, Michigan, New Jersey and Illinois all ratified the amendment in May of 1992.

This means it’s been 23 years since we last passed an amendment. Time for a new one. How about we abolish Congress. No one will even notice.

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Winners: Donna and Jane

Tonight was a good night for newbies. First time winner Donna (take that Chris) and first time player Jane beat all the regulars. Well Done. Right behind were Barbara and Rosebud, making this an all ladies night.

Tonight’s questions, with a summertime theme, were provided by Droppin’ Dave and as to be expected were quite challenging, way too hard for the guys, apparently.

Darin, recently returned from Italy and the Med, brought back a fine bottle of  “Panel Tunel Licor” from Mallorca for us to sample. Rosebud seemed to be quite fond of it and at the end of the night we left her at the bar with the bottle close by.

Good Question!:
Who had a hit with “Hot Town, Summer in the City”?

Choices: a. the Young Rascals  b. the Lovin’ Spoonful               c. Canned Heat  d. Country Joe & the Fish

Answer: images

the Lovin’ Spoonful

This summer we should have all been humming this tune, as we set the all-time record for consecutive 80 degree days!


John Sebastian is one of the great underrated singer songwriters of the 1960’s and this Greenwich Village band had some fine songs. Let’s listen to a few:

Summer in the City:

Younger Girl:

You Didn’t Have to be so Nice:


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