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Winner: Pluto, followed by SchaeferMan, the Driver, and Frank

No women on the podium this evening. Looks like the men finally woke up. The Driver, in his first game back since his frightful bicycle crash, showed signs of post concussion syndrome, but somehow still managed to finish tied for second.

Tonight we learned that before there was a North Vietnam and a South Vietnam, it was just one country, the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, and its president was Ho Chi Minh. Many of us old timers remembered Uncle Ho only as the leader of North Vietnam.

Good Question!: In 1960, which country became the first in the world to have a female prime minister?

Choices: a. England   b. Jamaica   c. Sri Lanka   d. India

Answer: Sri Lanka

This fooled most folks and may have been the key question, the one that determined the winner. Most people thought the first female leader was Indira Gandhi from India. Close, but no kewpie doll.

Sirimavo Bandaranaike, became the world’s first woman prime minister when she was elected head of Sri Lanka’s government in July 1960. Indira Gandhi became prime minister of India in 1966, and who can forget Golda Meir who became prime minister of Israel in 1969.



My fave female leader was Eva Peron (or at least the version played by Northport native Patti LuPone):


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