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Winner: TJ, followed by Tall Paul and TomTwin

Two weeks ago TJ won and told us he was headed to Las Vegas to start a new career. We wished him well. Tonight he showed back up and wins again. So we chipped in to buy him a one-way ticket to Las Vegas and told him to stay there this time. Let someone else win.

Tonight we learned that Columbus, who had only three ships on his first voyage to America, was in charge of 17 ships on his second expedition. Who knew?

Good Question!: Where is the world’s largest gold depository?

Choices: a. Denver   b. Manhattan   c. Fort Knox   d. West Point

Answer: Manhattan

Too many of us remembered James Bond’s “Goldfinger” and so we answered Fort Knox.

You remember Goldfinger, don’t you:

The New York Fed’s gold vault is on the basement floor of its main office building in Manhattan. Built during the construction of the building in the early 1920s, the vault provides account holders with a secure location to store their monetary gold reserves.

Much of the gold in the vault arrived during and after World War II as many countries wanted to store their gold reserves in a safe location. At its peak, the vault contained over 12,000 tons of monetary gold. Since that time, gold deposit and withdrawal activity has slowed and the vault has experienced a gradual but steady decline in overall holdings. However, the vault today remains the world’s largest known depository of monetary gold.

As of 2015, the vault housed approximately 508,000 gold bars, with a combined weight of approximately 6,350 tons. The vault is able to support this weight because it rests on the bedrock of Manhattan Island, 80 feet below street level and 50 feet below sea level.


Once inside the vault the bars become the responsibility of a control group consisting of three representatives: two members of the New York Fed gold vault staff and one member from the New York Fed internal audit staff. These three individuals must be present whenever gold is moved or a compartment is opened in the vault—even to change a light bulb. This helps ensure proper safekeeping and maximum security for the gold.

All bars brought into the vault for deposit are carefully weighed, and the refiner and fineness (purity) markings on the bars are inspected to ensure they agree with the depositor instructions and recorded in the New York Fed’s records. This step is vital because the New York Fed returns the exact bars deposited by the account holder upon withdrawal—gold deposits are not considered fungible.

Following the verification process, the gold is moved to one of the vault’s 122 compartments, where each compartment contains gold held by a single account holder (meaning that gold is not commingled between account holders). Each compartment is secured by a padlock, two combination locks and an auditor’s seal. Compartments are numbered rather than named to maintain confidentiality of the account holders.

BTW, every year tens of thousands of visitors from around the world visit the gold vault as part of a free, public tour of the New York Fed.

If you interested in getting your hands on some gold bullion better read this:

The 5 Greatest Gold Heists in History (kind of long)


The 15 Greatest Gold Heists of All Time (Infographic, much easier to get through)


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Winners: the Driver, Rosebud and Pluto

An unusual three-way tie tonight, with the Driver and Rosebud leading most of the way, only to be caught at the end by Pluto. Speaking of threes, we needed to know that “Moonraker” was the third of three Bond films for which the theme song was performed by Shirley Bassey. There were 24 Bond films and 24 theme songs, but none better than Ms Bassey’s Goldfinger:

We learned tonight that “Sacred Cow” was the name of the first US presidential aircraft, a Douglas C-54 Skymaster put into service for FDR.

Good question!: Martin Luther King’s assassin was arrested in which city?

Choices: a. New York   b. Los Angeles   c. Paris   d. London


Answer: London

On the day of the assassination, April 4, 1968, James Earl Ray eluded a worldwide manhunt and fled north by car from Memphis to Canada, arriving in Toronto three days later, where he hid out for over a month and acquired a Canadian passport. Ray had served several penitentiary terms and it was said to be an article of faith of the convict grapevine in the United States that passports were unusually easy to obtain in Canada.

He left Toronto in late May on a flight to England. On June 8, 1968, a little more than two months after King’s death, Ray was arrested at London’s Heathrow Airport while trying to leave the United Kingdom on the false Canadian passport.

This racist bum ended the life of one of America’s most charismatic leaders. Who can forget Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech:

The fugitive’s arrest was announced as Americans watched on television the funeral services in New York for Senator Robert F. Kennedy, who was fatally shot Wednesday morning in Los Angeles. 1968 a very bad year for assassinations.

The UK quickly extradited Ray to Tennessee, where he was charged with King’s murder. He confessed to the crime on March 10, 1969, and after pleading guilty he was sentenced to 99 years in prison, where he died in 1998.

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Winners: Barbara and Lorraine

24 players, 12 teams, and lots of fun tonight. We had a dozen traditional questions and we also guessed “Who Was Dat?” singing the song or in the photo. Brad, easily our most senior player, celebrated his 84th birthday by teaming with Darin to finish a strong second, along with the teams of Barbara and Chris, and Margaret and Big John. No one could top Barbara and Lorraine who missed only 3 of 24 questions to win the fall session of multi-media trivia.

Instead of a”Good Question!”, I’ll show a few of the photos we used tonight for those unable to join us and you can play along (answers upon request).

Prom Photos

this young man has been nominated for 3 academy awards.


this young woman received Emmy awards for her long running TV show.



just who is that with George Clooney?
play it safe with the easy answer, or go for extra credit for the harder right answer.

a. Mrs. Clooney
b. Amal Alamudin
c. Amal Alamuddin
d. Amal Alamuden



James Bond movies

guess the actress’ name, or her character’s name, or the movie.
extra credit if you get all 3 right.

1964 movie


1983 movie



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