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Winners: Emily & Molly, followed oh so closely by Jenn & Donna

‘Twas the hot night before the big holiday and the place was loud and packed. 28 players and we ran out of answer cards. The solution – form two person teams. From all those players and all those teams it was two teams of females who finished tied for first in regulation. A short play off and Emily and Molly were determined to be the winners. First time winners – Well Done!

The team of Droppin’ and Pluto looked like it should be a dream team. After Pluto butchered a few questions, Droppin’ said: “Playing with this guy is a dream all right, a nightmare.”

 Good Question!: What famous chef joined the OSS during WWII hoping to become an American spy?

Choices: a. Graham Kerr   b. Philip Harben   c. Julia Child   d. James Beard

Answer: Julia Child (in keeping with tonight’s theme – another female)

“We knew her as a popular TV personality and a master of the culinary arts. But Julia Child was also a spy — sort of.

Maybe she wasn’t a master spy, but she worked during World War II for the Office of Strategic Services, the huge spy network created by President Franklin Roosevelt. The OSS was the forerunner of today’s CIA.

In addition to Child, who died in 2004 at the age of 91, former OSS operatives included future Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg, historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr., baseball star Moe Berg and actor Sterling Hayden.

After Pearl Harbor, Julia McWilliams (her birth name) tried to join the Navy. But she was turned down because, at 6 feet, 2 inches, she was considered too tall. The Office of Strategic Services did not care how tall she was.

She began as a typist but her boss wrote, “Because of Miss McWilliams’s education and her previous experience outside the government, we feel she is better qualified to fill a more responsible position.”

She became a top secret researcher for the director of the OSS, the legendary William “Wild Bill” Donovan. And, later, she worked to reduce the threat of U-boats, the deadly Nazi submarines. After the war, she received an award for her service, which cited her many virtues, including her “drive and inherent cheerfulness.”

That sounds just like the Julia Child we saw years later on TV.” (abcnews.go.com)

How to Drink, According to Julia Child

On Cooking With Wine:

“I enjoy cooking with wine. Sometimes, I even put it in the food.”

“The best way to execute French cooking is to get good and loaded, and whack the hell out of a chicken. Bon appétit.”

On Eating With Wine:

“A house without a cat is like a day without sunshine, a pie without fromage, a dinner without wine.”

“Wine is meant to be with food—that’s the point of it.”

On Wine as a Lifeline:

“Wine is one of the agreeable and essential ingredients of life.”

“As you get older, you shouldn’t waste time drinking bad wine.”

“I’d never really drunk good wine before, and knew nothing at all about it. It was simply a whole new life experience.”

“Just like becoming an expert in wine—you learn by drinking it, the best you can afford—you learn about great food by finding the best there is, whether simply or luxurious.”

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