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Winner: Pluto, followed by TomTwin and the Driver, with Chris the photo bomber.

Pluto, wearing his Team Sweden shirt, had been begging for some sports questions for a long time. He finally got them tonight and took advantage. TomTwin had a score to settle with son TJ and beat him soundly.

Chris rejoined us after an absence, saying that the games ended too late, way past his bedtime. He must be telling the truth, because he played like he was asleep.

The Driver had just returned from Morocco and was half asleep with jet lag. As evidenced by the photo, he was a bit grumpy about finishing second. He should follow Lindsey Vonn’s example – be happy, even when you don’t win the Gold.

Good Question!: How many people went on to Noah’s Ark?

Choice’s: a. 4   b. 6   c. 8   d. 12

Answer: 8

Noah had three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. And God said to him, “I will establish My covenant with you; you will go into the ark with your wife, your sons, and their wives” (Genesis 6:8–10, 18). So there it is, eight people.

The Biblical Record – short version

The legend of Noah’s Ark originates from the sixth chapter of the Book of Genesis. The story goes that Noah was instructed by God to build an ark carrying a male and female of each animal in the region in which Noah lived. By constructing the ark, Noah, who was 600 years old when the flood covered the earth, saved the animals and a small group of people from a great flood summoned to do away with the morally depraved.

When was the Flood?

The question as to exactly when Noah’s Flood occurred has seen a variety of different answers from scholars through the years. Does the Bible contain sufficient chronological data to enable us to put a time on Noah’s Flood? Some believe it does.

The Biblical data places the Flood at 2304 BC ± 11 years.
This date is, as expected, in conflict with secular archaeology which regards the Flood as either local or a myth and the Biblical chronologies as irrelevant or inaccurate.

The placing of a catastrophic global flood in the year 2304 BC means that all civilizations discovered by archaeology must fit into the last 4,285 years.

How Many Animals Were on the Ark?

Well, there doesn’t seem there was an accountant who took an inventory at the time. Some of the best estimates range from 2,000 to 35,000 animals. ChristianAnswers.net explains that as many as 50,000 animals (including creatures that may now be extinct) could have fit on board the ark. These would not have needed to be the largest or even adult specimens.

The NEW Noah’s Ark

A replica of Noah’s Ark has been built in the rolling hills of northern Kentucky and it is, quite literally, of biblical proportions. The wood structure stands seven stories high and is the length of 1 1/2 football fields.

Answers in Genesis, is the Christian ministry that built the attraction. It’s the same group that opened the Creation Museum in 2007 in Petersburg, Ky., which promotes a literal interpretation of the Bible and other teachings: that planet Earth is only 6,000 years old and that man lived alongside dinosaurs. This new Ark cost $100 million to build and is expected to draw up to 2 million visitors a year.

And who could forget Russell Crowe as Noah:




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