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Winner: Cheryl, followed by Jake, and Rosebud

Cheryl, a first-time player, was very quiet back in the bleacher seats. She may have been quiet, but she answered more questions right then anyone else. SchaeferMan, who was going for a triple crown, felt the pressure and finished back in the pack. Maybe a bad sign for Justify.

Tonight we learned that until coffee gained popularity, beer was the breakfast beverage of choice in some parts of the US. When you used to walk in to Gunther’s at noon you knew that continued right here.

Good Question!: Which car company’s logo features a black prancing horse on a yellow background?

Choices: a. Ferrari   b. Bugatti  c. Lamborghini   d. Mustang

Answer: Ferrari

OK, this wasn’t the toughest question tonight but I was interested in why Enzo decided to put the prancing horse on his cars.

Ferrari’s symbol can be traced to the Italian fighter ace Francesco Baracca who painted the horse onto the fuselage of his plane. He recorded 34 kills and was killed in 1918, becoming a national hero. In 1923, a car loving Italian from Modena called Enzo Ferrari met the mother and father of Baracca. Baracca’s mother told Ferrari to paint the prancing horse on his cars as it would give him good luck. Ferrari did so and added the splash of yellow, the color of his birthplace, Modena.

There are several theories as to how Baracca came to use the horse on his plane, one very interesting theory is that it came from a shot down German plane onto which the German Pilot copied the coat of arms of Stuttgart, hence the similarity to the logo of Stuttgart based company Porsche.


Had never made that connection before – two iconic, high-performance auto companies both using the same prancing horse.

Maybe Danica should’ve been driving a Ferrari in Sunday’s Indy 500.


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