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Winners: Driver, Rita, Rosebud & Carol

Tonight “Common Core” came to the game.

Now we know how the kids feel when the test is too hard. The players got so many questions wrong we had to score the results on a steep curve to find the winners. The rest of us are writing our state legislators, asking them to require easier games on Tuesday nights.

The good news is that Darin is back from her Western holiday, and put out some nice treats. Unfortunately, she put the plate in front of the Driver. By the time he was finished, there wasn’t much left for the rest of us.

We learned that crickets hear through their knees, and that giraffes sleep for only 5 minutes a day, probably because they can’t find a comfortable bed.

Good Question!: Which country leads the world in cork production?


Choices:  a. Jamaica      b. Spain      c. Greece       d. Turkey

Answer: Spain

Tonight even the answer key was wrong. Pluto, who has an extensive cork collection, was skeptical that Portugal was not one of the choices.

Sure enough, Portugal produces about half the world output of commercial cork, and its exports over recent years have accounted for around 70 percent of world trade. Nearly one-third of the total cork oak area, estimated at 2,150,000 hectares (5.3 million acres) is in Portugal, which produces approximately half the cork harvested annually in the world (about 310,000 tons). Spain is the second leading cork producer and produces about 60% as much as Portugal.


This is a close-up of a piece of cork bark.

For an illustrated guide to the cork production process try this site: http://www.wineanorak.com/corks/howcorkismade.htm

Here are some marvelous cork designs:

cork1        custom_artwork



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