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Winner: Judge Judy

Tonight it came down to the last question. Where did the small private plane crash land this week? Pluto guessed Bellmore and was half right. Judge Judy answered Bellport and was totally right. It was especially fitting that Judy would win this evening as she celebrated her wedding anniversary with Tall Paul.

Tonight we learned that Minnie Mouse’s cat who enjoyed antagonizing Mickey’s beloved dog, Pluto was named Figaro. But most of the questions tonight were baby questions – wonder why.

Good question!: Babies recognize their mother’s voice at birth, how long does it take a baby to recognize its father’s voice?

Choices: a. 12 hours  b. 2 days  c. one week  d. two weeks


Answer: two weeks

That answer did not sit well with the fathers who were playing the game this evening. Maybe they had a legitimate beef.

Here’s what “Romper,” a site for a new generation of women figuring out what motherhood means for them, has to say:

“It’s no secret that mother’s have the advantage when it comes to bonding with baby. From carrying to delivering to breastfeeding, mother’s are innately wired to feel connected with their babies. Although fathers don’t have the same constant contact that mothers do with their babies, it doesn’t lessen the importance of their bond with their child. It’s been said that babies recognize their mother’s voice while their still in the womb, but when does a baby recognize their father? Not surprisingly, it may be much earlier than you’d expect.

Although the exact timeline isn’t known for sure, some studies suggest babies can recognize their father’s voice from the womb, and suggest that dads talk to their babies before they’re born. One piece from Parents noted that babies can hear sounds from 16 weeks gestation, so speaking or singing often to your unborn babe will increase their ability to recognize the sound of your voice. Most research, according to Parenting, indicates that babies can recognize their father’s voice from 32 weeks gestation (and immediately after birth.)”

On the other hand “Livestrong.com” has this to say:

Because it’s noisy inside the womb and because outside sounds aren’t heard as well as internal sounds, there’s no proof that babies recognize Dad’s voice at birth. Few studies have tested a baby’s preference for their own father’s voice over other male voices. A 1999 Virginia Tech study published in “Developmental Psychobiology” found that 4-month-old infants did not show a preference for their father’s voice over other male voices but did recognize voices they’d heard previously. Researchers concluded that there is a biological difference in maternal vs. paternal recognition in infants.

So you pays your money and you takes your choice.

All this baby talk has got me thinking about “Rosemary’s Baby:



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Winner: Pluto
Oh, So Close: Carol, Judy, Donna, Rosebud and Almond Joy
and of course, MikeP, the photobomber.

Lots of controversy tonight. The usually placid, green eyed Donna was furious with the answer given for one question. At one point it looked like she might jump over the bar to get at MikeP, our moderator. Pluto, sitting next to her, urged calm and felt the best approach was to make good guesses all night, which he did, and slipped through for the win.

Tulio, a competitive player from way back (back when he had dark hair), joined us tonight. Now a resident of Florida, it appears he is not the player he once was. But now he knows that Barack Obama has a Russian daughter named Natasha, and that the largest number of children born to one woman is, amazingly, 69. More amazingly, her Russian peasant husband fathered an additional 18 children with another woman. Happy Father’s Day!

Good Question!: Babies born during which month are said to be the heaviest?

Choices: a. Sept.   b. April   c. May   d. June



Answer: May

May or Maybe not!

This was one of the most difficult questions to find an answer to. Very little information is available, and the available information is often contradictory. I’m stumped.

Shelby Van Voris, a Public health prof, states in regards to May babies: “That’s a myth.  In fact, babes born in winter tend to be heavier.  We naturally pack on weight anticipating winter (instinctually) and babies born in January tend to be 1.3 oz. heavier on average.”

On the other hand, a learned study claimed:
“Most, but not all, studies of season of birth and birth weight have reported that winter and spring births tend to be slightly heavier and slightly longer compared to summer and autumn births.”

Another study claimed: “… moms who got pregnant any time between June and August gained more weight during their pregnancies and gave birth (Mar-May) to infants who were, on average, about eight grams heavier than those born in other months.”

All this talk of babies has got me thinking of Rosemarys Baby:

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