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Winner: Jacqui, followed closely by Almond Joy, TomTwin, Wanda, NewTom, and 10 O’Clock Bill (+photo bomber & game moderator Mike)

We have been waiting for one of the players from the Next Gen table to pull off a win and tonight Jacqui did it. We had two visitors from South Carolina (Wanda & NewTom) who almost pulled off a rare feat – a first time couple, both winning. Who knew there was intelligent life in South Carolina?

Tonight we learned that the term “hat trick” originated in the sport of cricket, NOT hockey. This one fooled all of us, even sports guy Pluto.

Good Question!: Jordan Spieth won $61,867 less at the Masters then this player won in his entire career?

Choices: a. Arnold Palmer   b. Sam Sneed   c. Gary Player   d. Bobby Jones

Jordan Spieth


Answer: Arnold Palmer

Well, let’s take a look at this. Athlete salaries/winnings have skyrocketed, but could this really be true? Spieth won $1.8M in winning the 2015 Masters. However, Palmer won $3.6 million in prize money during his 52 years on the PGA Tour and Champions Tour (forbes.com). So it’s not true, not even close. But it does raise interesting questions about compensation for current athletes versus some of the all-time great’s.

BTW, currently the difference between winning and finishing second in the Masters is $800,000. That’s a whole lot of cash riding on a missed putt.

How does Palmer’s $3.6M career winnings compare to Tiger Woods? Not surprisingly, Woods is light years ahead with at least $158M in career winnings. But endorsements is where the real money is, so let’s not shed a tear for Arnold. His estimated $875 million in career earnings ranks third all-time in sports behind only Jordan and Woods. Palmer’s total tally is $1.3 billion on an inflation-adjusted basis.

Let’s take a look at baseball where salaries continue to soar. In 2017 36 MLB players made at least $20 million. Leading the pack was LAD pitcher Clayton Kershaw at $33 million. For position players Miguel Cabrera made $28 million which computes to about $47K per at bat. Of course, this year it is a whole lot more because he is injured and out for the season. Yeah, the Detroit Tigers paid him $28M for 38 games, and 134 at bats or $209,000 per at bat! Unbelievable!

How about the old time baseball players?Joe DiMaggio became baseball’s first $100K player in 1950 ($1.0M inflation adjusted) and my fave ball player, Willie Mays made $180K a year in 1971 ($1.1 adjusted). Both born too soon, because baseballs current average salary, yeah average, is $4 million.

Enough with the numbers, here’s two of my fave baseball movies:

Bull Durham

The Natural



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