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Winner: Rosebud

A cold, rainy day resulted in a small, quiet crowd this evening. Perhaps some folks were recovering from celebrating St. Pat’s on Sunday @ MainStreetCafe. A fine celebration it was. Tim’s daughter, who studies at Juilliard, graced us with one of the finest versions of  “Danny Boy” I have ever heard. It may be that others were still adjusting to this weekends clock change that cost us some sleep. The Driver appeared to be affected most of all. He missed one easy question after another. It seemed that he would have trouble spelling his own name this evening – a name with only three letters.

Rosebud finished first, narrowly ahead of Pluto and Madly, probably because she was the only player who knew that it was a boot that appeared on the monument of Benedict Arnold. This monument is in Saratoga National Historical Park: “In memory of the “most brilliant soldier” of the Continental Army ,who was desperately wounded on this spot … 7th October, 1777, winning for his countrymen the decisive battle of the American Revolution and for himself the rank of Major General.” Notice they never mentioned his name!

Good Question!: Despite having no Indian reservations, which state has America’s largest Native American population?

Choices: North Dakota, New Mexico, Montana, Oklahoma

Answer: Oklahoma

Well, not exactly. In 2010, Oklahoma had the second largest Native American population after California.

This question did give us a chance to reprise the unofficial theme song of our Tuesday Trivia – “Oklahoma”

The U.S. Census Bureau, a fine agency if ever there was one, counted the state of Oklahoma with a population of 3,751,351 in 2010. In Oklahoma the Native American population (8.6% / 320,000) is larger than the Black Population (7.4%), or the Mexican population (7.1%). Oklahoma  has a higher % of Native Americans than California, but not as high a % as Alaska, NewMexico (My Guess), or South Dakota.

A fascinating map of Indian Country and the U.S. in 1834


What Happened to the Reservations?

Another sad / bad chapter in the government’s treatment of Native Americans. The General Allotment Act of 1887, also known as the Dawes Act, allotted individual land parcels to tribal members in Oklahoma and put an end to communal land ownership.  More than 90 million acres of tribal lands that were left over after the individual allotments had been made were seized from Indian nations and declared surplus in order to open them to white settlers.  In Oklahoma, a series of land runs were held allowing settlers to race into the areas that had been declared surplus and stake a claim on the land. By the time of Oklahoma statehood in 1907, all of the then existing Indian reservations were disbanded.

A fine dramatization of this period by HBO films: “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee”


Long Island Population Trivia

There are two small Native American reservations on Long Island – the Possepatuck reservation in Mastic and the Shinnecock Reservation in Southampton. Nassau and Suffolk’s population (2.8M) is a bit smaller than Oklahoma’s (3.7M).

But Long Island’s population (7.6M when you count Brooklyn & Queens, which you should if you are talking about LongIsland) is much larger than Oklahoma’s. Did you know that 40% of all the people in NYS live on LI? Or that LI’s population is greater than Ireland’s (6.4M)?

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