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Winners: Rhys, Rosebud, Cookie, and Droppin’

A night of firsts – MikeP acted as guest moderator and we had 4 players tie for first place. Each winner received a MainStreetCafe $15 gift certificate – not bad!

At the end of the evening Mike said: “Wow, This is way tougher than it looks. Daphne better come back soon.” Someone noted that all 4 winners were seated next to each other at one corner of the bar. That may bear watching or maybe it’s just sour grapes.

Droppin’, our marine surveyor was all over the question about “punk” wood – light, flaky wood due to rot or fungal attack. Most of the rest of us just thought it was a punk question. Mike is still trying to figure out how to pronounce “oophorectomy”, but now we know it means the removal of one or both ovaries.

Good Question!: In 2014 German coastal authorities reportedly introduced various bans and dimensional limits limits for:

Choices: a. inflatables      b. bar signs      c. sand castles      d. goal posts



Answer: Sand Castles

Why you might ask. I know I did.

German authorities are banning the building of sandcastles at beaches in case they fall over and injure people or block the path of emergency services.

Some beaches on the islands of Fehman and Sylt have imposed a total ban on the structures, while Sieksdorf and Neustadt allow sandcastles, provided they do not exceed four metres (13ft) in diameter. Beaches at Kellenhusen and Grossenbrode impose a three metre (10ft) restriction, with all beaches restricting height to 50cm (20 inches).

According to lifeguards, the beaches need to be kept clear for ambulances in case of emergencies, and there are also concerns that the structures could collapse. Whatever.







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Winner: Rosebud

Mistress Daphne was in town for a few days between cruises and joined us tonight. She handled things with her usual aplomb, as if she hadn’t gone missing all these weeks. Alas, the same can’t be said for the Driver. All those days bobbing on the ocean on the Good Ship Lollipop seemed to have diminished his memory. Even though the first half of tonight’s game focused on Australia which he had just returned from, and was a gift to him, he struggled and finished a distant third.

Tonight’s dominating winner was Rosebud who finished way ahead of Big John in second place. Somehow she knew that residents of Coober Pedy live underground to escape the heat, and that there are 5 countries larger than Australia (Russia, Canada, China, USA, Brazil).

Good Question!: How much of Australia is classified as desert?

Choices:   a. 16%      b. 25%      c. 35%      d. 56%

Desert photos are pretty boring, this isn’t:

Answer: 35%

Well, maybe. Depends on where you look.

Some of us who have been down under were skeptical that only 35% of Australia was desert. Answers.com says: “An estimated 44% percent, or over one-third of Australia is made up of sandy or stony arid and semi-arid desert, while another 37% is sparse grassland or scrub.” That tells me that 81% is desert or near desert – more like what we remembered. Heck, if you can’t get a beer there, then it’s desert to me.

Of course, there are other opinions. Australia.gov says: “Nearly 20 per cent of Australia’s land mass is classified as desert.” That sounds way low. I think they are biased and don’t want to hurt tourism. Wikipedia says: “Named deserts of Australia cover 1,371,000 square kilometres (529,000 sq mi), or 18% of the Australian mainland”, and “Extensive areas are cover by longitudinal dunes. 40% of Australia is covered by dunes.” That sounds like 40% or 58% is desert, so your guess is as good as mine here.

When I think of Australia I think of Olivia Newton John, Nicole Kidman,

images     1105F06 UH001

and Crocodile Dundee – not so much about the deserts.

Everyone’s fave clip, worth a second look:



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Winners: Barbara and Lorraine

24 players, 12 teams, and lots of fun tonight. We had a dozen traditional questions and we also guessed “Who Was Dat?” singing the song or in the photo. Brad, easily our most senior player, celebrated his 84th birthday by teaming with Darin to finish a strong second, along with the teams of Barbara and Chris, and Margaret and Big John. No one could top Barbara and Lorraine who missed only 3 of 24 questions to win the fall session of multi-media trivia.

Instead of a”Good Question!”, I’ll show a few of the photos we used tonight for those unable to join us and you can play along (answers upon request).

Prom Photos

this young man has been nominated for 3 academy awards.


this young woman received Emmy awards for her long running TV show.



just who is that with George Clooney?
play it safe with the easy answer, or go for extra credit for the harder right answer.

a. Mrs. Clooney
b. Amal Alamudin
c. Amal Alamuddin
d. Amal Alamuden



James Bond movies

guess the actress’ name, or her character’s name, or the movie.
extra credit if you get all 3 right.

1964 movie


1983 movie



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